A rug can completely change the design style of your room. As such, many designers start with the rug as the first step in leading the decor of a room. It is important to understand the design style your trying to achieve and build from there.

Traditional & Vintage

Traditional rugs boast ornate designs featuring intricate Persian motifs typically with a surrounding border. They can be vibrant or muted in colour but always look great in centering spaces like dining and living rooms. To get a “vintage” look, find traditional rugs that embody a distressed look.

Contemporary & Transitional

These styles fall between traditional and modern styles. Both feature classic yet updated designs that are simple yet sophisticated. Typically boasting softer colour palettes and support a more graphic print to the ornate traditional motifs. Rugs that don’t have patterns per say and are more textural would fall in this style category in our opinion!

Bohemian & Moroccan

Bohemian style rugs tend to feature repeating Southwestern inspired motifs such as triangles and zig zags resembling tribal block patterns.These rugs can be bold and vibrant or earth-toned and will typically have a bold and long fringe. Morrocan styles are similar in their repeating geometric design, but feature diamonds in a more subtle monochromatic colour palette and typically with imperfect lines, resulting in an artisanal appearance.

Modern/ Abstract

Modern rugs boast a more neutral yet artistic design element. They can be simple in design and great toning down a room or, can have a bold abstract design and be a focal point.