The Art Guide

Art gives a room life and soul. The perfect art piece can be bold or subtle but should always be used as an opportunity for self expression.

Scroll down for our designer tips and tricks for choosing the right art and a link on how to properly hang your wall art.


Time to bring out the tape measure! If you have a larger wall or simply want to make a big impact, look for large scale art (think between 50" to 80"). You can also use a large or small wall to bring multiple pieces together - like a gallery wall or a stacked collection. This is a great opportunity to combine multiple different styles and art themes. If you're looking to add some art to a bathroom or reading nook, opt for something smaller.


Choosing art can either be the first or last step in your decorating journey. You can design an entire room around a piece you love or choose a piece to compliment the colours and textures of your design aesthetic. Whatever the case, enjoy the process of finding something new for your space!


Identify pieces that you’re naturally drawn to. Is it calm costal vibes with soft pastel hues or bold and graphic abstract prints? You can feel free to mix styles or stick to the genre that feels right to you. If looking for multiple pieces, we tend to choose based on tones and hues so that we can play with different styles but keep it looking cohesive!


Don't forget - art isn't just for walls! Mix smaller pieces of art within your cabinets and open shelving by simply leaning them against the back. We also love placing art on display stands and easels - this gives you the opportunity to move your art around whenever you want!