4 Holiday Decor Ideas to Last the Whole Winter Season

As Christmas fast approaches, homeowners around the world are spending plenty of hours making their homes festive.
At West of Main, we believe in decorating our homes for not only the holidays of course, but also making sure that after all that hard work has been put into the decor, it can be enjoyed for a longer period of time.

For this reason, we’ve put together 4 decor ideas to last well after your tree is taken down that you can enjoy throughout the whole winter season!

1. Metals

A festive yet timeless addition to your space are the luxe elements like metallics that add a shimmer to the room that is sure to elevate it for the holidays while also keeping it elegant for the remainder of winter. This can be brought into your space through the following West of Main Shoppe pieces:

Metallic Decor

2. Winter Greenery

  • Wreaths:
    We love the idea of a wreath that is more minimal and timeless to keep the holiday cheer going the whole season. We’ve just added a new faux-greenery wreath to our Shoppe that is perfect for this!
  • Non-Flowering and Evergreen Branches:
    Considering the winter season doesn't feature a whole lot of lush greenery, woody branches and evergreen stems are great for bringing a natural feel to the space that feels in tune with the season.

Winter Greenery

3. Layers of Red & Green Textiles

To make the transition from Christmas to the rest of Winter a little easier, we suggest layering in red and green tones with your soft furnishings so they can be removed easily without having too great of an effect on the whole room’s atmosphere. We also suggest using heavier materials for the winter to give your space the ultimate cozy look & feel.
Designer tip: Leave all the green elements and remove the red for a timeless evergreen look!

Festive Pillows

Festive Throws

4. Candles

Candles have a way of adding the festive twinkle to our homes and adding the warmth we’ve longed for as the weather turned cold.

We have a wide variety of candles and candlestick holders that are perfect for table-scaping, coffee table styling, etc.


Candlestick Holders

What West of Main Shoppe items will be under your tree this year? Let us know by using #WoMLifestyleByDesign on social media!

We hope that this inspires you to try something new with your decor this holiday season. All of us at West of Main Shoppe are wishing you a happy and healthy holiday!

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